If you are turning thirty soon or you have been thirty-something for a while now, there is a good chance you have some questions about the changes your body is going through as well as what you can do to help make it easier. To help, we have put together this list of commonly asked questions by men in their thirties. No matter your exact age, we think these tips and techniques can help you prepare for growing older a little more gracefully.

Does Low Testosterone Affect All Men in their 30s?

No. While some men may start to have problems with producing less testosterone, this is not something that automatically happens when you reach the ripe old age of thirty years old. In fact, for some men it may not happen for another ten or more years. Having said that, when you are in your thirties, it is a good idea to keep an eye open for some of the warning signs that low testosterone may be a problem.

What are the Symptoms of Low Testosterone?

There are actually quite a few different symptoms that may appear for men who suffer from low testosterone levels. For one, there will usually be a lack of energy in general. On top of that, there may be a very low or non-existent sex drive. Finally, there may also be sexual performance problems, including but not limited to erectile dysfunction. Low-T is not the only cause of these symptoms, but if you have any of them, you may consider checking your testosterone levels to see if you have a deficiency.
If should also be noted that men who are overweight may have even more problems as fat cells store estrogen which works against testosterone in the body. If you are producing less already and are overweight and have high levels of estrogen in your body, it may cause havoc in many different ways, making it hard to overcome the problem on your own.

What can be done about Testosterone Deficiency?

The good news is that if your body is producing less than the normal amounts of testosterone on a daily basis, there are many different things you can do. For one, there are expensive hormone injections that you might be told to take by your doctor in extreme cases. For many men, however, it is more about changing the diet and making sure the body has what it needs to produce this hormone.
One way that some men decide to do this is by adding a daily men’s supplement to their diet. TestoGen is a supplement that uses Testofen as its main active ingredient. This extract has been shown to help men produce healthy levels of testosterone in clinical studies. Additionally, TestoGen has other important ingredients, like vitamin B6 for example. It is the special blend of TestoGen that makes it different than so many other supplements on the market out there.

Are There Natural Ways to Fight Low-T?

Yes! As we mentioned, TestoGen is a natural and safe way to boost your testosterone production so that you have healthy and normal amounts of this hormone in your body. There are other things you can do like change your diet to include more foods that might help, but when it comes down to it, TestoGen supplements offer an easy way to give your body ingredients that have been shown to help produce more testosterone.
In addition to taking a supplement, there are other things you can do as well. For one, making sure you get rid of most of your body fat is a good idea. Because fat cells can store estrogen – which works against testosterone in the body – you want to burn as much fat as you can while at the same time building muscle mass. Something else that you can do is make sure you can get sexually aroused without the help of a little purple pill. In all seriousness, if you can become aroused, the flow of blood will actually help you boost your testosterone production. This is really true in the morning after a long night of sleep.

Does TestoGen Really Work?

To honestly answer this, you would really need to ask every man who has tried TestoGen in the past. However, this is not really possible. And even if it were, it still wouldn’t give you concrete evidence that it works. Having said that, there have been clinical studies that have shown Testofen – the active ingredient in TestoGen – can boost production of testosterone to healthy and normal levels.
So, when it comes down to it, the answer to this question is really up to you because you will not know if it works for sure until you try it for yourself. The good news is that it is safe, easy and inexpensive to order enough for a whole month. At the end of that month, you should be able to answer this question for yourself. We really think that after you take TestoGen for a month you will notice the difference and want to keep up with taking it.

Other Questions for Men in Their 30s

If you have questions about TestoGen or aging in general that we have not answered, we encourage you to contact us or leave a comment below. We will do our best to make sure that all of your questions are answered.  When it comes to getting older, if you can concentrate on your health more in your thirties, you are going to have it a little easier later in life most of the time. There is no telling what the future holds, but if you educate yourself and put a plan in place, you can do quite a bit to slow down the aging process even if you can’t stop it completely … yet.

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